Through our partnership with Sherwin Williams we can provide you with their exclusive Sher-Color computerized color matching system.


Say you have a pillow, fabric swatch, competitors paint swatch, etc. that you want to match your color to. With Sherwin Williams Sher-Color system we can find the corresponding Sherwin Williams color quickly. Just provide your manager with the sample and ask them to take it to the store for you to have it matched. 

Sher-Color will allow you to:

  • Match anything that our managers can take to Sherwin Williams and that is at least 1"x1"
  • Get fast and reliable matches
  • Consistently receive accurate matches no matter what the texture or sheen is
  • Receive your formula printed on you paint can for future reference

Color Snap

Are you struggling to pick a color? Try out ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams and have the power to transform your pictures into Sherwin Williams colors. Plus you will have their whole color library in your pocket for quick and easy access anywhere.