Color Selection Tips

  1. First Impressions are everything so use your color to make a great one with your home.
  2. Don't ignore your entryway. Highlight it and make it a focal point.
  3. The color of your home can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home.
  4. Don't forget to take the fixed colors around your home into account like the landscaping, stone, brick, or shingles.
  5. Look at your shingles and any brick carefully, are there any specks of color that you can tie into your new colors.
  6. Exterior color can increase the resale value of your home so be sure to consider this.
  7. Dont forget about your windows and the trim around them. Use them to help accent the home.
  8. A creative color can add excitement and bring new life to a home just try not to get carried away.
  9. Make sure to view paint swatches outside in sunlight and the shade as lighting can affect the colors appearance.
  10. Don't forget to contrast your primary color by painting unique architectural details an accent color.
  11. Take a drive through some nearby neighborhoods to look at some of the colors and combinations. Be sure to drive through new and old neighborhoods and observe the differences.
  12. Take pictures of your favorite homes in nearby neighborhoods so you can refer back to them.
  13. If you find a color you love simply ask the homeowner if they have a can of the color still so you can get the name of it. (Don't forget to get the brand of paint too)


Paint Color Selection Tips

Paint Color Selection Tips
Paint Color Selection Tips
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