Our History

Student Painters is a student painting company. This means that all the painters and managers are full-time students, earning tuition and expenses for the following school year. Student Painters evolved as a necessary response to a shortage of summer jobs for students. As tuition's and all other associated costs continue their painful rise, and government support decreases, we have taken matters into our own hands and have developed a professional painting network providing high quality services along with the many advantages of dealing with hard working enthusiastic students.

We are not new to the painting business. We have been providing top quality painting service since 1987 and we are now in over 20 states.

The reason for our success can be summed up in one word, "commitment", to our customers, to our people. Student Painters managers undergo training in the spring months and must pass several exams before they are allowed in the field. All painters and foreman must also pass through our painter training program.

We will ensure your satisfaction as a valued customer. First, the production manager on each job is required to obtain your written "O.K." before moving on to the next job. Second, each manager will ask you for your candid written comments, at which time any minor concerns will be alleviated.