Fall Protection Plan

Ladders and high areas can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not followed. We don't want anyone to get hurt so that is why at Student Painters we have a strict Fall Protection Plan.  All of our employees are properly trained to be able to use ladders and safety equipment in the safest manner. We have implemented a Fall Protection Plan and our managers are dedicated to protecting their employees from on the job injuries.


Our Fall Protection Plan

Before jobs:

  • We walk around the jobsite to locate any potential hazards
  • Define controlled access zones
  • Review our equipment
  • Identify and review protection steps with our painters

During jobs:

  • Continually monitor for potential hazards
  • Correct any unsafe practices or conditions that arise
  • Wear safety equipment on unsafe roof angles
  • Monitor weather conditions
  • Report any accidents

Workers Compensation

All of our employees are fully covered by workers compensation.