Our Services

Color Matching


Never settle for a color that’s close to what you want. The Sher-Color computerized matching system provides quick and accurate color matching for any item. Just let us know what item you wish to match - your existing color, a rug, a pillow, fabric swatch, even a competitor's paint swatch. Sher-Color is always on target.



A new coat of paint will not only increase the aesthetics it will also increase the physical durability of your home. Uncoated surfaces are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. All of our painting is applied using brushes and rollers unless otherwise specified.



While caulking is not necessary in all projects, you can be confident that where it is needed it will be done. All of our managers and painters are professionally trained and know where caulking is needed.



While the process of scraping the painting surface is most important on a wooden surface, it is often necessary on other surfaces as well. Scraping allows us to remove anything that pressure washing may miss like cracking or peeling paint.



We also do top quality staining on wood siding, porches, rails, decks and other wooden home fixtures. We use top quality Sherwin Williams stains and do the same preparation as with our paint jobs.

Pressure Washing


Our pressure washing service will be provided in preparation for your paint job. Having a clean surface allows paint to adhere properly, adding length to the life of your paint job.